A Month… A month too long!

9/26/2014 – Wow my beauties, I can’t believe I have abandoned you for a month!! I have been busy living life and just trying to scoot by. I am sure you can all relate. So I have yet again done some rebranding, changed up my Facebook page, I have started a Youtube channel and can’t wait to finally get this show on the road.

The last couple months have really been a wake up call to me that life is too short to piss away. I have ideas and a drive to help others, so that is what I need to do before it is too late. So, I am now 6 months away from being the big 3-0. To some that is nothing, still very young, but to me it was a number that I had set a goal to. A goal to be a successful business owner by that time. I am not quite there yet, but I am strapping down for the long haul. I have made my ideas more clear, and have revised my business plan and goals. And am so very excited to start fulfilling my purpose in life. I can’t wait to share with you my tips, tricks, recipes, goals, dreams, inspiration and much much more.

UPDATE!!! 11/1/2014 – Everything said here is me and is true, I just decided to stick with my Ribbon and Rust name and branding…I know I know… damn woman make up your mind. Ok, ok, I have it is done… It is not changing!! Beautiful Hippie Life is out, Ribbon and Rust is official!

Much love and light my beautiful hippies!
Peace out!
Tara Beth

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