BB Challenge Day 1

12/15/2014 – Today was the first day of the rest of my life. Ok, so I do totally think that this saying is totally over used, but at the same time today is a ground breaking day for me. Less than 2 weeks ago, I signed up to be a coach for a company called Beachbody. I didn’t have to start as a coach at first but I decided to because I want others to see the journey, experience the journey with me. I want people to realize that not all the coaches are little skinny minnys. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of those skinny minnys may have started in my shoes, or even larger. And, I of course will eventually be a healthier version of myself, potentially a “skinny minny”. But, I want to be someone somebody else can relate to and feel comfortable sharing with. As I have stated many time on this little blog of mine, I want to be someone who others can rely on. I want to help others! What is more perfect than being a wellness coach? Now, this wasn’t a spur of the moment idea. I have actually been studying coaching for a few years now, and health and wellness is my primary focus. I just didn’t really have an outlet to start the “perfect” wellness or life coaching journey. Then, earlier this year I found Beachbody. It isn’t just a protein shake company. It isn’t just a exercise program company. It isn’t just a vitamin company. It is actually all these things and more. But, mostly, what it IS is support. Every person is assigned a coach. You can be a coach and you are assigned a coach or you can be a customer and assigned a coach. Your coach is your mentor; your cheerleader. It is an amazing system of much needed support! I have heard this concept in other companies, but this is the first time I have seen it actually work. There is someone their holding your hand, and won’t let go. It took me roughly 6 months to actually decide that this was the platform I wanted to use for my coaching. I followed many people. Saw their inspiration, saw their love, saw their passion. That is when I knew this was it. That is why I decided to join as a coach instead of just a customer.

Now, to the part that this post is ACTUALLY about…LOL!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life… I started PiYo today. It is a strength training/ weight-loss exercise program from creator Chalene Johnson, and of course, distributed by Beachbody. I have two goals in mind…get stronger and lose weight. So PiYo seems perfect considering that is the description of the program. The exciting part? I didn’t have to decide this on my own. My coach helped me decide PiYo was best for me. Beachbody’s exercise program library is vast and seeing what my interests were and my goals are, she helped suggest PiYo. Today I did day one and WOW! I am in love. I have done Pilates before so the moves weren’t foreign to me, but they are moves I haven’t done in a very long time. There are also PiYo specific moves that are both tricky and challenging. I came out of the 40 minute exercise a touch sweaty, totally out of breath, and my abs, calfs and arms screaming at me. PERFECT!! That is what I am wanting. I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow.

I decided to add Shakeology to the mix, which is Beachbody’s signature protein shake/ meal replacement. I am going to go enjoy one now as my evening snack, go soak my sore muscles in the tub and start to wind down for the night.

Tara Beth

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