Beauty Inside and Out

I struggle with my perception of beauty. It used to be hard for me to admit that as I pride myself on helping others be beautiful both inside and out.
The struggle has been real for as long as I can remember.  It has always been hard for me to be comfortable in my own skin. I have struggled with my weight, my skin (acne) and my general build of my body since I was a little girl. Even when I was a smaller clothing size “skinnier” if you will, I had issues with things not fitting properly due to my big boobs, short torso and long legs. Yes, I have long legs but am still only 5’2…short! Also, my biceps have always been on the larger side too. That totally makes shirt shopping difficult. Most of the other girls I grew up with loved shopping. Not me!! I liked the thought of it, but would always get frustrated by the time the trip was done.
As I have grown older, I have really learned to deal with my body issues, we all have them and need to accept the ones we can not change and be empowered to feel free to change the ones we can. This is important to me because on a holistic level if one thing isn’t dealt with properly, it can throw other things off. I experienced this just this month. More on that further below.
I know everyone struggles with their bodies in some way. No one should feel guilty for not feeling good about their image. Don’t feel like you are being conceded or not putting others first. Our society is really bad about this. They put people, not just women, people, down for not looking or feeling a certain way and then make them feel guilty when they try to change things. Which is wrong! We are all different and need to find what works best for us. I know when I am not feeling like I am looking the best on the outside I feel defeated on the inside, so I do what I can to fix that.
Recently, I was in one of those funks. I have been blah, down in the dumps for a couple weeks. I was just not feeling like myself. So I decided I needed to highlight my hair and fix my eyebrows. I had let my eyebrows go for about 9 months, which for me is BAD! I am a hairy beast. The unibrow was starting to show!!! And my hair, well it is constantly changing as it is one of those things that makes me…me. But I had a very blah shade of dark brown that was looking drab to me so I decided to try something different. I always seem to migrate back to blonde. I was born blonde so it is what naturally looks best I think. Now that I have fixed those 2 things I am starting to feel positive again.
I do always try to look my best in any given circumstance. My grandma taught me to always put on lipstick first thing in the morning because you never know who will be stopping by for some coffee. As I have aged I really think there is a deeper meaning to the lipstick application.  There was a coded message there that took me awhile to gather. Put your best face forward is what grandma was telling me. Put lipstick on first thing to remind yourself to feel good in your own skin. And, just for the record, this can be anything, not just lipstick that makes you feel good about yourself. A favorite lotion, purfume, eyeshadow or piece of jewelry all represent the message.
My point in all of this? It is ok to be different, to struggle with self image and worth. We just need to acknowledge the fact that we are all different in our own beautiful ways and ask for help when we feel we need a change.
Trust me you are beautiful and you are worth it!!
♡Tara Beth

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