Can’t Sleep

Today I had plans to sleep in but it looks like that isn’t happening today!! My mind is going hundreds of thousand miles per minute and I am not sure how to stop it. This time it isn’t about financials; it isn’t about the crap going on in the world. Usually, unfortunately it is and that gets tiring!
Today my mind is wandering about itself in search for something great, the next big idea. In the last 5 minutes I have asked my self is there something like this out on the market and if not should there be! If only I could bottle this wanderment and refocus it into one project. Oh how successful would I be then, but as someone who is like me, a wanderer, a free spirit, being tied down to one project just doesn’t sound fun. On top of it all my nose is dripping, drip, drip, dripping. It is annoying.  I have guarded myself all fall and winter against germs and now here I am afraid that the battle is over. So maybe I will be going back to bed or may be I will write some more in my private journal… we will see!

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