Art and creativity are what keep me going day after day. Today I decided to get a little adventurous and turn some toys into necklaces, key-chains and such. This isn’t a finished project yet, but it is a start.
About a week ago I was reading another bloggers blog about how they have taken little vintage plastic toys and created trinkets from them. So I thought to myself, hey I really love those little plastic dinosaurs that you can buy bags of, really affordably at the store. Little did I know that they are not that easy to find anymore. But, Dollar Tree to the rescue… In their party grab bag section they have little 8-piece dinos. They aren’t plastic, but a rubber. Hey, they work!!

So what did I do, and how the heck to I take a small figurine and turn it into a necklace??

At first I was going to get eye screws that I could screw into the top of the plastic figure. After opening the package of Dinos, I quickly realized the eye screws would not work since they are rubber. Luckily, Dollar Tree didn’t carry eye screws and Wal-Mart was out of the size I needed. Everything happens for a reason right? So, what would I use instead? I really didn’t want to have to mess with the mess of glue. I want it to look smooth and stream lines. A vision popped into my head. What tool do you frequently use to create with that has an eye at the top of it? An eye pin…YES!! An eye pin is perfect. For those of you who do not eye pins are very very very frequently used in jewelry making. So I buy a pack of long eye pins. A new set of jewelry pliers, because mine are always getting trashed, and some jump rings to attach the eye pin to the key-chain or necklace chain.

The next phase is super simple. Stab the poor dinosaur in the back with the eye pin until the eye pin pops through his stomach. All I am thinking at this point is does this dino feel this? (Yeah, huge Toy Story fan here!!) You will then cut off the extra eye pin wire using jewelry snips. Once the extra is trimmed I take my round nose pliers and twist the wire so the eye pin doesn’t fall out of the dinosaur. Eventually, these will be painted bright, fun colors and listed in my shop, but until then, here are some photos of what I just described.

Fun project with minimal cost and effort!!
Tara Beth

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