Easy Watercolor Pillows

I spied with my little eyes these awesome watercolor pillows…


Watercolor Pillows at Joss & Main

So you can buy these at Joss and Main or find similar on Etsy, but I am going to let you in on a little secret…you can pretty easily make these yourself.
“>Solid light colored throw pillow or pillow cover

* Fun colored

* Rubbing alcohol
* Paper towels and/or spray bottle

Ok let’s do this:
This is super simple!
1. Add the rubbing alcohol to spray bottle if you are using it.
2. Take your blank canvas and add a free hand design or stencil to the pillow.
3. After you have your design layed out dot on the sharpie color of your choice. You don’t need a lot of color as the alcohol will spread the sharpie ink.
4. To spread the color, spritz on your rubbing alcohol or blot using paper towels or cotton balls.
5. Once the rubbing alcohol is dry, heat set your creation using a clothes dryer, hair dryer or iron. Your choice will depend on the fabric used on your pillow. Low heat for 5 to 15 mins. This should keep your design on your pillow for years to come.

Bam! Like that beautiful pillows! This will work for other fabric items as well. Make sure to protect your work area!

Tara Beth

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