Fuck You Ebola!

9/30/2014 – So are we going to start referring to Ebola as the big E just like cancer is the big C? Are we going to start running around saying fuck Ebola just like we say fuck cancer? Are we gearing up to make Ebola a house hold name, or is the media just working on their latest, greatest scare tactics spoon fed by the government?
10 years ago while reading “The Hot Zone”, never in a million years did I think I would have to worry about contracting Ebola in the US. But, news sources have confirmed that the CDC has announced its first US diagnosis and over 1000 people were in direct contact of this one dude who was diagnosed in one of the US’s largest states, Texas. Insert sarcasm here, “Fucking great just what I wanted to hear. Moms, dads… run, hide, lock the doors! We are all screwed. Now who’s over reacting…oh me!”
The CDC says they have it contained, but how can we be so sure, especially since so many were potentially exposed from one person.  On the flip side there are conspirists saying this is just a ploy to expedite experimental drugs through the FDA. And they really do have this all contained. Really, do any of us know the truth? I am going to say no. Unless you are part of the government or CDC I am guessing you don’t. I know I don’t! Not even the media knows the real truth. They report to you what they are told. THEN I REPORT WHAT I FIND AND MY OPINION ON THE MATTER.
I hope we do not have to go through an epidemic. I will say (although I shouldn’t), I have my essential oils ready for my own protection if push comes to shove (not saying they prevent or cure anything lol).
Parting words, I guess is this, try to stay as informed and up to date as you can with all aspects of reports out there. The more you know the safer you will be. Oh and if I were you I wouldn’t board a plane. Too many risks involved these days.

♡Tara Beth

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