Hello November!

11/1/2014 – Today is November 1st. I can’t believe it, but welcome it just the same. Halloween was a blast last night. It was unseasonably cold, so we tried to stay in as much as possible by going to the library and a local church.
We did stop at 3 houses too. So we made an effort…lol.


My little tater (Caedan) as Jake the dog from Adventure Time

October had been a weird month for me. I struggled with some paranormal shit and Mercury retrograde, which was HELL! So, yeah that was fun. My empath side always gets the best of me this time of year. But I did survive and am ready for what November brings me. I love being an empath, but it can be intense sometimes.

On the business side of life I am developing some self help programs and some design programs for the masses so keep an eye on the launch of those.

I hope everyone has an awesome November!
♡ Tara Beth

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