Lego Key Holder

Wow! I love this idea!

Easy to find parts. Really easy to assemble. Easy to hang and super geek!!!
All you need are these simple supplies:
*Legos (large plate, small plate with hole, and assorted bricks/ minfigs for decoration)
*Key ring (You can buy at any craft store or use an old one)
*3M Command strip refill

Take the 3M Command strip and attach it to the large Lego plate. The attach to wall or door of choice. Take the keyring and attach it to the small plate with hole. Attach key or another key ring to the keyring with the small plate.
Your small plate can be attached to you large plate when you come home. Decorate the large plate as you see fit. We took a simple approach with a stormtrooper minfig.

Simple geeky DIY to try today!

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