Paranormal Island

I am obsessed with paranormal and was actually creating a completely separate space (blog) on the internet for my paranormal happenings. Then it hit me, why. Why have a separate space? Part of what Tara Inspires… is, is a horror, occult fan following. So I know you guys must somewhat be interested in the paranormal field?! So I have decided that Paranormal Island will serve as a piece of the Tara Inspires… pie. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Island! Paranormal Island is a community of curated stories involving all things paranormal. I am Para Tara, your paranormal tour guide. I am also a paranormal writer and life long paranormal enthusiast. The Island will house some of my work, as well as where you can find some of my work and other fun paranormal things. If you have a paranormal story, I want to hear it!! Please feel free to comment anytime or visit our Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy your stay on the island…don’t get lost. You never know what will be hiding around the corner.

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