Project Runway: It’s almost fashion week!

10/13/2014 – So I was doing a little catching up on my two favorite shows, 19 Kids and Counting (don’t judge) and Project Runway. Man oh man, let’s talk about Project Runway! The drama, it was so freaking intense. I was two episodes behind and honestly I had forgotten what I had seen in the previews so when the issues rolled around, man oh man there was a fashion throw down!
So for those that don’t know or haven’t watched but wanna know…
{Spoiler Alert…. seriously I am going to recap so if you don’t want to know don’t look below. Well, you can look below, but only a paragraph or so above my signature.¬† I will let you know where…lol}

Ok, what was I saying? Oh, wasn’t that some fashion throw down? I will openly admit I am, errr, was a Korina fan. I still like her designs. The reason I am using the term was is due to her attitude. It makes her a very very ugly soul. I can’t handle that and I have a feeling it is going to affect her working relationships later for her. But, as a television viewer we only see one side of the story most of the time, so it may not have been as bad as the producers made it look. So what happened? I’m not 100 percent sure. Korina seemed to be a really cool person and char was really cool as well. But beef really started to happen when Korina decided she really was better than everybody else, and I really don’t understand why that was her though process. I mean yeah her designs are good but they weren’t really as good as anyone else’s. She is a decent designer but the ones who are still left are just as good and obviously a little better, so I’m not sure why she had it out for Char. You know… she kept repeating, you were already gone, you were already eliminated. Silly Korina, she knew this was a competition and she knew there was a Tim Gunn save. This was not the first season for that! So the episode I watched they duked it out until the end when Korina was finally called as the one to go home. I don’t think she should have made some of the comments she made, but it was very clear and she has every right to be upset. I would be upset too. But, seeing the designs, Chars did stand out mpre, yeah she needs some sewing classes, but her ideas are solid.
Next episode,¬† which was this week’s episode the feud continues. Depending if you have watched or not you may be thinking how, well I will tell you how. In normal Project Runway fashion, there is a twist. And since there are (I believe) only two episodes¬† left until the finale, they brought back some helpers. And guess who was stuck with whom… yep! Char picked Korina’s outfit without knowing what that was going to lead to. When Korina found out she through a huge baby like tantrum and stormed out. A bigger person would have sucked it up and realized it was a competition, some win, some lose. And, that is where I left off because I ran out of time to finish watching the show. So I don’t know who is headed to fashion week… don’t tell me. I will find out soon enough!


{Spoiler Over}

So let’s talk about Amanda for a minute is everybody absolutely in love with her? I mean she is freakin awesome! I’m her style, the way that she designs, the fabrics that she chooses, I really like her. I liked her the last time she was on Project Runway and I really like her this time too. Oh and did anybody see her lip color she was wearing? I need to find out what color she was wearing! It was amazing, and we have the same skin tone from what I can tell… that color would look amazing on me.
So what do y’all think about the new upcoming Project Runway series? It is called Threads and it’s going to be featuring children. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I have, however, decided that I am going to, not necessarily design, but follow suit in their competition so to speak. So whatever their project of the week is I’m going to put together mood boards or find inspiration and post those in a blog post. I think that would be fun! I plan to do that with this week’s episode and then once the new PR: Threads starts I will do that with that too.
Sorry a little long winded tonight, PR gets me worked up.
Until next time…
Tara Beth

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