Project Runway: Under the Gunn… Love it or Hate it?

So three weeks ago Project Runway returned… well, sorta. Project Runway decided to spice things up a bit and let Tim Gunn take the hosting reigns. I was excited to hear this as I LOVE Mr. Gunn. I was also excited at the prospect of a new show. Later, I learned that it was still technically a Project Runway production. Which I guess is ok, I am a huge PR fan!

What makes Under the Gunn different? Well for starters there is no Klum and Tim Gunn is the main host, judge and adviser. Then there are 3 mentor advisers in the form of former PR contestants: Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos. They started with 15 designers which was sliced down to 12 in the first two episodes. The show is not only a competition for the designers, but also a competition for the mentors. I am super excited to see how it is all going to play out.

The mentors started with 4 designers on each of their teams. The mentors are just that. They are there to advise and guide. Last nights episode was the first of the real competition. Mondo took away the title of both winner and looser…oh and did you see his hot pants and hairy legs…yikes Mondo… YIKES!
Love you Mondo!!

There are 3 judges judging the teams and team mentors. There is a new group of sponsors: Lexus, Marie Claire Magazine, Benefit Cosmetics, Blowpro, francesca’s, Brother Sewing and Embroidery and ROWENTA.

After catching up, until yesterday I was 2 weeks behind, I still do not have all my favorites hashed out. I really like Michelle and her style, however, I was not impressed with her red carpet design on last nights show, and neither were the judges. Natalia and Sam are also on my favorites list.

So far, I am loving it. Would you really expect me to say anything else??
How about you? Have you watched it, would you plan to watch it if you haven’t? Let me know below.

Tara Beth

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