Reiki Me

8/11/2014 – Wow, what a fun weekend! On Friday, I had the opportunity to take Reiki I and Reiki II. It was uber intense, but SOOOOOOO worth it! I “learned” so much information about myself and what I am guided to be doing during this earthly life that I am living. Why did I put learned in parentheses? Because Reiki isn’t something to read about, or learn in a practical sense. Reiki is an awakening in ones soul provided by a Reiki master, from there, you use your intuition and the ancient energy that has been awakened inside you for healing. It is an amazing energy that I can’t wait to be using on everyone I know and then some. I was so fortunate to have the class mates that I did and my teacher is amazing. It is amazing how connected 7 people can get in a 6 hour period.

In time I plan to be a practioner, but for now, I am on a probation period while I continue to “learn” my technique. I am hoping to acquire my certification before the end of 2014!

Just so excited!!
Tara Beth


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