Revived Vintage

A couple months ago I went thrift shopping for some vintage goods. My original plan was to resell the vintage goods on my ETSY store, but that just didn’t work out as planned.

I have been seeing a number of painted mason jars that are just adorkable!! Very shabby chic. I was looking through my vintage finds to see what I could do to re-purpose them for a give away. I found an Avon perfume decanter. It is a super cute vintage style car. I decided to combine the two ideas.

Here is what I did:

I took the decanter and some awesome soy paint that I use for a large number of projects, to create a turquoise car vase/ decor.


I added the paint to the decanter, replaced the lid and did a little shake… ok I did a LOT of shake. I took a bit to get the paint moved around and covering the whole surface on the inside.

Here you go… All done. Ready for the ┬ámantel or on a shelf with a flower.

Tara Beth



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