…Three Months Later

To say I have been busy would be an understatement. You know my last post? You know that one that I couldn’t believe I was 35 weeks pregnant and just posting about my pregnancy and vowed I would blog more about my pregnancy and life in general… Well, turns out my body decided it could not handle being pregnant any longer and I wound up having our baby girl just 9 days after publishing that post. I had Aurora Rose Bryant via emergency C-section at 8:03pm on 10.20.2016. It was scary and exciting all at the same time! I knew I wasn’t feeling the greatest on the 18th, worked a 12 hour shift overnight on the 18th into the 19th, tried to rest during the day on the 19th, but just knew I wasn’t feeling right. Finally called and went in to labor and delivery on the 19th around 8pm. My labs were a hot mess, but not hot enough. I was preeclamptic, and was officially admitted to the hospital.

The plan was to keep me until I delivered but didn’t want me to deliver until I was 37 weeks, so Aurora would have extra time to grow, and to not be considered a preemie. Well, not even 24 hours after admission, my labs turned into a super hot mess and they decided it was go time. Everything was going well, as planned, they had me third in line for the OR, as baby was breach, so I knew I was going to have a C-section either way. The nurses and doctors took their time prepping me and making sure I was numb. This was where they were supposed to go get my husband, then all of a sudden all sorts of alarms started going off. I heard a medical staff member yell to get Dr. so and so. The Dr. comes running in, and looks at the staff member, asking, is that mama’s monitor or baby’s?? She answers baby’s. At that moment, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. They had already started cutting away. Now, I am not one to be religious, but you better believe at that moment, I was asking God and (or) the higher power that is, to make sure my baby and me were ok. Then, there she was, a small little peanut, who almost instantly let out a high pitched yell. Small yet mighty!! Once I was numbed, from the start of the medical staff identifying a problem, to the moment Aurora was born, was a whole 5 minutes tops. I remember with my son it took what seemed like forever to get him out, also by C-section, at least 15 minutes. Well, with her it was emergent and she was out of there ASAP! They didn’t even have time to get my husband. Turns out Aurora was dropping her heart rate and staying at a low heart rate which worried the docs/ medical staff. She weighed in at 3lbs 11oz and was 17 1/4 inches long. Pretty small, even for a preemie, especially a borderline preemie at 36 weeks. She was measuring closer to 32 weeks not 36. Even though she was small and premature, they didn’t cart her off to NICU right away. She got to meet family and stay with mommy and daddy for a few hours.

Around midnight we got the news that Rori was going to have to go to NICU because she couldn’t keep her temperature up, and was using too much of her energy to try to stay warm. I was so super sad, as I was hooked up to a mag. drip due to my preeclampsia. I was stuck in my room, in my bed for at least 24 hours, not being able to see my baby girl. A day later I was able to see her, hold her, feed her, but not for long as she needed to get back in her warmer. Plus, I was warn out from the mag drip, not eating for over 48 hours, and being woke up every 4 hours or so to push on my belly and/ or for pain meds, which I appreciated. So first visit to NICU was a short one. The next day and a half we lived in and out of the NICU. I still had my patient room in mother baby and then Aurora had her own room in NICU bay 3 (there are 5 different bays based on severity of symptoms). We rolled back and forth from my room to hers. She was not allowed to visit me, but I could visit her as much as I wanted, as much as I needed!!

Seeing her for the first time in NICU was hard. She had to have a nasal gastric tube placed for feeds because she wasn’t eating/ eating enough at first. And, of course I didn’t know this. So, it was a shock when I went to hold her and to feed her. She lost about a pound and a half at first. It is scary when your already too small baby looses more weight!! Then I was able to be discharged from mother baby, but Aurora was still in NICU, so we stayed with her. Luckily, she had one of the only single rooms on bay 3. We spent a few days on bay 3. Once the docs were confident she was headed in the right direction, and that nothing else seemed to be immediately wrong, she was moved to bay 5. At that point all she needed to do is keep her oxygen up, heart rate up (both would dip, especially during feeds) and to gain weight. We were in NICU for almost 2 full weeks. We were released on a Wed. made it to my mother in-law’s where we were planning to stay for a few weeks while we settled in to having two kids vs one. Got settled, then I started to feel not so hot. I started to hurt, really bad. I based it on the fact that I may have pushed myself a little more than I should have Wed. when we left the hospital, and also running out of pain meds. I tried my hardest to brush it off, but it was a nagging pain. Then the fatigue started. I was falling asleep mid sentence, I could not stay awake for anything! By Sunday, I knew something more than post C-section pain, and new mom fatigue was happening, but I didn’t want to go to the ED, so I waited it out. Monday rolls around and things get graphic… I start bleeding A LOT! Like clot passing, gushing blood. I called the doctors office and explained everything from Thursday on, they said to call back in an hour if I was still bleeding. Sure enough, an hour rolls by and I am still bleeding, not as bad, but enough where I decide I need to get checked out. We made it to the doctors office around 4pm, bleeding had actually stopped, but upon exam the doctors saw something alarming. I was back in a hospital bed, readmitted, by 6pm. I had an infection and needed high dose IV antibiotics. I was back in the hospital until Thursday. So, 3 of my 8 week maternity leave was spent in the hospital. The same hospital in which I work. HA! I was like how the heck did I get an infection?? I did everything I was supposed while in the hospital and after for my self care. But, they said in emergent situations like mine it isn’t uncommon for a uterine infection to occur. By the time all of that was said and done, I was ready to not see the walls of the hospital for some time, or at least 5 weeks when I had to go back. So, as I had stated, we were staying at my mother in-laws house to get some help through my maternity leave, especially since my husband had to go back to work. I was super fortunate that he was able to take 3 weeks off. It was just a bummer for us, since we were in the hospital for those 3 weeks. My mother in-law, or mom too, as I like to call her, was so super welcoming and took amazing care of us, but we had decided since my leave was almost over it was time for us to head back home.

But, as usual, the universe had different plans. The Tuesday before we were planning to go home, our son fell. If you don’t frequent my blog, he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Falls are pretty common for him, but this time was different. He had gotten up off the floor, as he had many times before, to use the restroom. Well, after a couple of steps, he went back down. His leg just gave out, a common theme for progressed DMD. The way he fell was basically on top of himself, his full body weight landing on his right leg/ ankle. He instantly screamed, “I broke my foot, I broke my foot.” But, you have to understand, he is quite the drama queen, so we (my mother in-law and I) didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t swollen or bruised. I just assumed he had twisted or sprained his ankle. By Friday, it had puffed up a bit, and he was still favoring it, not putting much weight on it, so we decided to have it looked at. Even the doctor thought it was just a bad sprain, but we asked for imaging just in case. Good thing we did, it was broken!! So much for going home! Unfortunately, our home is not set up to accommodate a broken person. We had just barely started thinking about renovations for Caedan’s disability. We weren’t ready to implement anything yet. And, thankfully for us, mom too’s home is very welcoming for someone who is broken and disabled. She was even proactive and had a ramp installed (which is easier for Caedan) last spring.

So in the last 3 months I have birthed a baby, continue to take care of that baby with special preemie rules, take care of my injured disabled older baby (he might be 10, but he will always be my baby too!!), exclusively pump since solid nursing skills were never implemented due to her needing special breast milk/ formula mix (For those that don’t know exclusive pumping adds a good 45 mins to an hour to every feed since you have to feed the baby via bottle, then pump out what should have went in your baby’s mouth), and have since gone back to work full time which requires additional drive time since we are staying with mom too and not at out house, which is closer.

I. AM. TIRED! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love our new addition! I love that we have a welcoming place for Caedan to heal. And, secretly, I love staying at my mother in-law’s too. I have been able to help her out with house work here and there when needed and she has been able to help me out with the kiddos when needed. It is a super special trade off. And, of course she loves her extended cuddle time with her grandkids. And, I love any chance I get at a break!!

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