Torn… well maybe not…

Constantly torn. My mind is restless. Constant circles swirling around.
I have always been told that I need to choose one business or product and stick with it to have a successful home based business.
“You can only chase one rabbit.” they said.
Arg why? That is not how I am wired. I am a wandering soul constantly looking for my next adventure. So, why can’t I share fashion one week, make a necklace to sell the next, while filming and sharing tips on makeup and DIY crafts? I have been told by many, many times that that would be a fast train to failure,  but why, why do we have to be so limited?
So I decided to take a step back, why do I feel I need or want to share all these things. What is my main goal… my purpose in business and really in life. After all is said and done what does all of this boil down to?… YOU… You all are my purpose.
I have a need or calling to help, nurture and heal those who are lost or broken. I know… I have learned you can save them all, sometimes you can’t fix broken, but I have felt this calling since a very very young age. Some people don’t even realize they are broken!! I feel that outer healing (wardrobe, home decor and makeup) is just as important as inner healing (energy work, self talks, meditation and what you eat). It makes sense really, we all want to feel good… inside and out. So why not support all with what I have? Why not offer tips to those who need them and have some fun while doing it?
I ask why, why can’t I?
Screw it! I can, and I will! After all when boiled down only one rabbit is being chased. There is no reason makeup and meditation can’t go together or why healing stones and home decor can’t go hand in hand. This would actually be quite beneficial!
We need to not feel torn. We need to feel beautiful and strong (all of us). We need to be who we are in business and in life, without question.
Things in life may not always make sense, but sometime they need to be sewn together… then bam a beautiful quilt emerges. Piece by piece it all comes together. That is what I want my business to be many pieces coming together to rebuild ones soul. I want to help you look your best, but I also want you to feel your best.
I want you to be you! I pinky promise I will be me!
XO & ♡,
Tara Beth

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