What A Mess

Man oh man, what a mess this place is!! A hodge podge mix of this and that. Some of it makes sense, some of it doesn’t. I was just going back through my archives and I have to laugh at all the times I changed my business name and/or idea… it has been a few times. Sprinkled in with those “announcement” posts have been fun tid bits of life, and some not so fun life challenges. As I was looking back at older posts I asked myself, “What is the purpose here? Why did you want this space on the internet? Is there a common theme strung through the last four years of posts?” And, honestly, I don’t know. I think I originally just wanted a blog. It was 2013 and many people were blogging. I also wanted a business representation. A blog presence was perfect for business, it is just unfortunate that I was never concrete in my business ideas, but the business side of life never really stuck. I kept my blog though. This hot mess of jumbled ideas. I find it interesting to see how each year was different and how I have evolved. As I read my archives, it became increasingly clear that all I wanted to do is inspire others. I had even very clearly posted about it in Nov. of 2014. Why it took me 2 additional years to change my social media presence to reflect this, I don’t know.

Just recently I have been working to better myself by balancing my mind, body, and soul. With that betterment, there have been realizations and one of those realizations is that I truly, from deep within my soul want to inspire others. So about 9 months ago (roughly a year and half after I posted about wanting to inspire others here on this blog) I changed all my social media to TaraInspires. I even announced it here (bahahahaa another business name announcement). Even with the change, I was still a bit lost. Although, I had a solid name that I could stand by, I was unsure what that really meant and what I wanted to do with it. Did I just want to be myself and share that with the world? Did I want a business out of it? If I want a business, what type of business would it be? So many questions!!

So here we are almost a year after I claimed Tara Inspires, I am slowly starting to piece together what I want from my online space and how I want a business to look. This isn’t just another business announcement post. This is a “I am going to be a better Tara post. A more accountable Tara that wants to help others along the way.” This is about way more that making some cash flow. I want to help others. I want to be an inspiration. The best way that I can do those things is to be the best me I know how to be. Be true to myself, and share that with others so they know how they can be true to themselves. This is how I am going to inspire others. I will be inspiring others to be the best they can be while still being true to who they are and what they believe. In the days, weeks, months to come, I will be sharing what makes me tick. Why I like what I do, and how you can find yourself in the mess. I look forward to sharing with you my life, what I have been learning in regards to healing the mind, body, and soul, metaphysical healing properties, coaching, art, and all the fun messy stuff that makes us interesting. I am gearing up to launch a coaching business. But that isn’t important right now. What is important is you stick around for the show. Enjoy the ride, and hopefully through my musings, you walk away with golden nuggets you can use in your life.

I came to be a light. A beacon to get you through the mess. I am here to honor my passions and will fulfill my purpose!

Much love and light!

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