What a whirlwind July has been!

7/19/2014 – Wow! I can not believe that it is the last half of July already! I spent the weekend of the fourth with my inlaws. We had a blast. Went to a parade, had a cook out, and went to fireworks. It was amazing. On July 5th a had a precious little niece enter this world. She is amazing and beautiful and sweet. I have only seen her once and can’t wait until I see her again. Then, my world came crashing down July 6th. After an amazing weekend with family, in a blink of an eye, it was all taken away.

My in-laws had been at our house doing some lawn maintenance; they finished up, we talked a bit, and they left. My husband, son and I carried out our evening as planned. We had an evening of grilling, music and fun.

Little did we know that on the way back to their house, my in-laws were in a serious traffic accident. My father in-law died on site and my mother in-law was badly injured, in critical condition, air lifted to a nearby university hospital. We found out what happened about 3.5 hours after it happened. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

My father in-law was so much more than just an in-law. He helped, supported, taught, guided, and loved my husband, son and me. He was my dad.

Last week our focus was on getting mom better, and this week was laying to rest one of the greatest guys I have known. It has been a crazy 3 weeks. So much good and so much bad.

Something I had already known, but not necessarily implementing… This week has made me realize to never, ever, take anything for granted and to live every single moment as if it is your last.┬áNever be afraid to talk to someone, you may never know when that will be the last conversation you have.

Instead of tears of sadness, we share tears of joy for the memories and good times had…

My late father in-law and my husband trying to wrangle goats at Grant

My late father in-law and my husband trying to wrangle goats at Grant’s Farm May 2011.

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