What Year Is This??

Wow wow wow! I can’t believe we are almost done with the first month of 2015! It blows my mind that this year has already started rolling.
What is going on with Beautiful Hippie Life?
Well… a lot and nothing all at once lol. As many who frequent here know, I am a wandering mind. Always moving. Always thinking. Always planning. I am working on some big things for 2015 but can’t talk about them just yet! Soon. I promise.  SOON!!
What is going on with Me (Tara Beth) and family?
I have been struggling for the past… I don’t know how many years… with my thyroid functions, today I went to get my labs done and my dr. told me she thinks my thyroid is enlarged. I will be having a scan next week to check that out further. I will keep taking my meds. and researching natural remedies to correct my levels and to help heal my thyroid. Constant battle that I will win!
Caedan, my beautiful “baby” boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is doing great. He is still up walking. This is great at age 8. We are hoping to take some trips this year while he can still be up and moving. We are still home schooling which is amazing and we are gearing up to start a clinical trial. More on that as we go. Caedan will have his own tab here called Caedan’s Journey!
Dan, also known as “the hubs” is doing great too. I think we have finally found a good balance with his Bipolar meds. It is a constant struggle to keep up with “normal” but he is doing great!!

So for the rest of 2015 you will be hearing, seeing more of us here at Beautiful Hippie Life. New ventures, new inspiration, new journeys and a constant diary of a wandering soul.
Tara Beth

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